Things to See

Tacana Volcano

Just a few minutes from Tapachula, you could visit Union Juarez to enjoy the mountain views, coffee plantations and a good meal at any of the restaurants in Union Juarez, Mixcum or Casa Brown en Santo Domingo.


Local Archeological Site, Rosario Izapa site F, Virtual Tour. For detailed information of this site one should check out the site by George Delange of Included are links to site A and site B as well as information on other ruins such as Palenque a days drive away.

Ruta del Café - Finca Argovia, Finca Hamburgo

Turtle Release video, and photos at  and more Tapachula area photos on Google.


Xocomil water park, world famous for it's integration of new world design, tour buses travel from Tapachula weekly for a day at this water slide park.